Hornady Powder Bushing #256

The Hornady 366 Auto Progressive Shotshell Press Powder Bushings are great for fine tuning your shotshell load. The interchangeable charge bushings are designed so shot and powder bushings cannot be accidentally reversed in the charge bar. Machined from solid bar stock and reamed.

Technical Information:

Fits: Hornady 366 and APEX Shotshell Presses

Use: Powder bushings to measure out different charge weights

Material: Aluminum


  • Always verify the powder charge weight with an accurate scale. Weights may vary significantly from the chart listings. For best results, choose the bushing needed and then purchase it and the next number higher and lower bushing. Hornady and RCBS bushings are interchangeable.
  • ; Manufacturer: Hornady

Manufacturer: Hornady

Manufacturer Item Number: HDY190184

Additional information

Weight 1.60 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in