Customer Reviews

Norm. N. 5-star-customer-service

Hey guys!
Thanks so much for the 8lbs of H4831SC.
Reloading Unlimited is my go to source for powder when I can’t purchase it locally.
I always recommend you to my fellow reloaders at my local range, C2 Shooting Center.
The shipping department did an excellent job of securely packing my powder as always.
Thanks again to everyone at Reloading Unlimited.
We are living in politically charged times and it is my sincere hope that you have continued success  in the future.

Bob H. 5-star-customer-service

Thanks much for your customer service. Many businesses don’t get how valuable customer service is. I have active memberships on the gun blogs; Coltforum, SWforum, Rugerforum, Danwessonforum, Firingline, Handloads, RimfireCentral, INGO, and several others. Those are filled every day with complaints that thousands read. You have earned my allegiance and trust. I will sing your praises to all that will listen. So please continue to take good care of my fellow reloaders. I will send as many as I can.

Connie, you personally have a phenomenal great attitude. It was a pleasure laughing with you.

I’m just retired from an animal shelter software business that I started 30 years ago. I know what it’s like trying to deal with the government and keep a business going at the same time. Here’s wishing you guys the very best of luck.

We are also a family business. You should leave the business talk after ?:?? o’clock. My wife and I learned the hard way.

Steve A. 5-star-customer-service-sm

I received the shipment yesterday, it was very nicely packaged. Prompt delivery. thank you for the Good Service also for having Clay Dot in stock…

Carry S. 5-star-customer-service-sm

Thank you for your polite answers today after I called you on your cell phone number. It is great to find someone who genuinely cares about their business and potential customers.So happy to find a source of reloading supplies again after moving away from a great little reloading shop in Mt. Juliet ,TN. Looking forward to doing business with you again in the future from my new home in central Indiana.

Chris S. 5-star-customer-service-sm

I just received my order and will be ordering from your company in the future. Thank you for your business.

Jim K. 5-star-customer-service-sm

I just wanted to acknowledge that your company has harder to find products and competitive prices with good service.
I know where to go to next time!

James M. 5-star-customer-service-sm

A few evenings ago I was doing my usual search for gun powders I like to use. For the first time, my search reveals a new company called Reloading Unlimited. I checked their site and found powders for sale that have been out of stock at other retail businesses or online sites. I expected to see the usual “out of stock” message when I added a powder to my cart. To my surprise, the powder was actually in stock. In fact, every powder I wanted was in stock, in different sizes no less. Now, the prices were a bit higher than I have seen at other places, but hey, how much is your time worth?
So I order 20 pounds of several different powders and pay with my debit card. Two days later I noticed my account had been debited, even though I had not received an email with tracking number. I found this strange, so I sent an email. The next day I received no response to my email. BUT, at 11am that morning Big Brown shows up with a nice, heavy box. I wondered where this package came from until I checked the label—Reloading Unlimited.
People are quick to criticize businesses, but rarely praise them. I shoot Wilson Combat 1911s and ARs, so I am used to their great customer service. I quite frankly am astounded by the very few days it took for my order to arrive from Reloading Unlimited. I certainly will let my reloading buddies know about this new business.

DJ T. 5-star-customer-service-sm

Thank you so much. I really appreciate how far you have went to help me with availability questions, ordering info, and the appreciation you showed towards me as a customer once I ordered. You guy’s are awesome. I love the fact that you are a mom and pop style family owned and operated business. I am a firm believer in showing patronage to mom and pop businesses. You are what makes America great. The reason, is the kind of service and courtesy I received from you. The dedication of family owned places and their willingness to go to the end of the earth to help others. I will definitely be turning all of my handloading business over to you guy’s. I talked with a lady on the phone earlier and she was the most cheery and respectful individual I have ever spoken to on the phone when it comes to customer service. I know by now you are wondering, “geez is this guy ever going to stop typing”. Lol. I just can’t express how much I felt appreciated when communicating with you. The lady on the phone made me feel like family and my other replies from you guy’s have been very prompt, courteous, and helpful. Thank you once again and until I order again, I wish you guy’s the BEST IN LIFE. Thanks For Everything.

Bill 5-star-customer-service-sm

Thank you for the best customer service I have received in a long time! I bet they do not pay you enough for what you are worth! Again thanks, you have gotten my business from now on and I will tell the guys at the range about your company. I am so happy at finding your ad in the Dillon catalogue; I am almost out of HP38 and have been looking for it everywhere!

William G. 5-star-customer-service-sm

I just want to say thanks, for supplying me with a number of several smokeless powders for handgun cartridges, that are difficult to find elsewhere. In the past two weeks, I have placed five orders with your company for smokeless powders, (four of which are still being processed) and I am very pleased and even pleasantly surprised at the excellent selection that you offer of handgun powders that you actually have in stock. I work in Sikorsky Aircraft, in Stratford, CT and I have been telling others there who I work with, who also reload their own ammunition, about your fantastic and exceptional smokeless powder selection!!!

Joe P. 5-star-customer-service-sm

Met these guys in Atlanta, they were awesome and had a plethora of knowledge about reloading.

Jim F. 5-star-customer-service-sm

Hey everybody….

You must check these guys out. Purchased some sought after powder and these guys had it and more. Reloading Unlimited had very competitive pricing too. I shoot competitive clays and getting components has been very hard. From now on – this will be my number 1 stop for reloading supplies. I am sure it will be yours too.