RCBS Group B Roll Crimp Seater Die .45 Auto(.45 ACP) Auto Rim


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RCBS Roll Crimp Seater Die 45 ACP, 45 GAP

Roll crimp is designed for use with heavy recoiling revolver cartridges. To seat bullets without crimping, simply unscrew the die until the crimp ring no longer engages the case mouth.

Technical Information

Material: Steel

Die Type:

  • Roll Crimp Seater Die Accessories:
  • Plastic storage case Notes:
  • A Bullet Seater is used to push (seat) the bullet down into the case to a specific depth and is found in the Seating die.
  • As the seater pushes the bullet into the case, the shoulder of the die crimps the case against the bullet.
  • New production dies (Mid-2004 +) will work for 45 ACP and 45 GAP cartridges.


Manufacturer: RCBS

Manufacturer Item Number: RCB18942


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