RCBS Hand Case Neck Turner Pilot.26 Cal


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RCBS Hand Held Case Neck Turner Pilot 26 Caliber

Many experienced reloaders and target shooters turn their case necks to help remove every variable from reloaded ammunition to help create the most repeatedly accurate ammunition possible. By ensuring that each case neck has consistent neck thickness reloaders are able to ensure that seated bullets have the same amount of tension holding them in place so when the shot is fired the bullet will leave the case as evenly as possible resulting in a tighter group down range. These caliber specific pilots are required when using the RCBS Hand Held Case Neck Turner (sold separately).

Technical Information

Fits: RCBS Hand Held Case Neck Turner

Function: Pilot to align the case to the cutter

Material: Steel

Manufacturer: RCBS

Manufacturer Item Number: RCB90410, 90410


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