Powerbelt Muzzleloader Bullet 45 Cal 275gr Copper HP 20/bx


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Powerbelt Muzzleloader Bullet 45 Cal 275gr Copper HP 20/bx

PowerBelt designed these bullets specifically for muzzleloaders. Copper-plating helps prevent lead fouling while the plastic gas seal aids the bullet in harnessing all the energy produced by black powder and other muzzleloading propellants. Shoots cleaner than sabots because the bullet, not plastic, engages the rifling, virtually eliminating plastic fouling. Helps accuracy, too, even in rifling as slow as 1-66″ twist. AeroTip bullets feature an aerodynamic plastic tip for deep penetration before expansion—ideal for thin-skinned, medium-weight game—and more likely to produce an exit wound and large blood trail for tracking. Hollow Point bullets produce dramatic expansion on impact, ideal for thin-skinned medium-to-lightweight game. 15/pack

Manufacturer: PowerBelt Bullets

Manufacturer Item Number: PBAC1594,


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