Nosler Solid Dangerous Game Bullet .375cal 300gr 25/bx


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Nosler Rifle Bullets 375 cal (.375″) 300gr Solid Dangerous Game FP – 25/bx

The Nosler Solids™ feature a flat-nose design and homogenous, lead-free alloy core that reduces deflection off of bone and muscle, for lethal penetration and an impressively straight wound channel. A precision-cut band allows for tight crimping to ensure each bullet is properly seated and prevent bullet setback during firing. Nosler Solids™ provide optimal load versatility with minimal fouling, and are uniquely engineered to match the ballistic performance of the legendary Nosler Partition® bullets in the same caliber and weight; resulting in near identical points of impact for both bullets at typical hunting ranges and velocities.

Manufacturer: Nosler, Inc.

Manufacturer Item Number: NSL28451,


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