Jagemann Handgun Brass 45 Auto (ACP) 100/bag


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Jagemann Handgun Brass 45 Auto (ACP) 100/bag

Jagemann is pleased to announce the launch of its new reloading brass program.

The product line features primarily pistol variants including 380 Auto, 9 mm, 40 S & W, 10 mm and 45 Auto.  Revolver variants available include .38 Special, .357 Mag and .357 Sig. Others in development include .44 Mag, .45 LC and additional rifle variants. Additionally, 300 Blackout is currently shipping and available. Jagemann has been providing brass casings to the OEM market for more than five years.  This strategic launch represents Jagemann’s entry into the retail market.

UPC: 852526006000

Factory Number: JAG45AUTO


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