Barnes Bullets 270 (.277) 120gr.BT Banded-Solid


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Barnes Rifle Bullets 270 cal (.277″) 120gr Banded Solid Spitzer BT – 50/bx

Barnes Banded Solid Bullets feature rings cut into the shank to reduce pressures and allow higher velocities. These bullets have a wider meplat and are designed to penetrate large, dangerous game without deflection, even when striking heavy bone. Constructed of homogenous metal throughout, they do not have a lead core or jacket to separate on impact. The boat tail banded solid bullets are also recommended by Barnes for target shooting as well as taking fur-bearing animals, as their pelts are less likely to get damaged because the bullet is non-expanding. These bullets are coated with Barnes XLC solid dry film lubricant. This is not loaded ammunition.

Manufacturer: Barnes Bullets

Manufacturer Item Number: 27763, BA27763


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